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Cocoa Bean posted a blog post

How to quit sugar

We all know that one of the best things we can do for our health is to give up sweeteners.Why is it so hard though?Part of it is that sugars are in almost every processed food product on the shelves! It hides under many different names and forms so…See More
3 hours ago
Anne (EZ Gluten Free) posted a video

Kimchi Slaw

Kimchi Slaw is a quicker and easier than its fully fermented Korean kimchi cousin. It’s a condiment that’s so versatile, once you make a batch you’ll want to...
Cocoa Bean posted a blog post

How to figure out if you can eat safely at a restaurant

This week's question comes up a lot! How do I figure out if I can eat at a restaurant, safely?I have a real-time example in this week's video of an event I'm planning to go to where I'm going to meet all new people. The meeting is at a BBQ…See More
Aug 22
Cocoa Bean posted a blog post

Gluten in your body products

This week I saw an interesting comment from a guy who found "gluten free" on his lotion label and thought it was silly because it's not a food product.I get it - it does seem silly to someone who isn't gluten free for specific health reasons but the…See More
Aug 18
Cocoa Bean posted a blog post

What To Give Someone Who Is Gluten Free Or Has Food Sensitivities

One of the nicest things people like to do is gift food to friends and family both in time of celebration and during difficult life changes, such as a birth or illness. We love to show up with some comfort food like soup, casseroles or coffee cake…See More
Aug 15
Anne (EZ Gluten Free) posted a video

Almond Raspberry Jam Bars

Almond Raspberry Jam Bars are an Easy-to-Make Crowd Pleaser. To print this recipe or for more of my gluten free recipes visit the EZGlutenFree blog at http:/...
Aug 10
Cocoa Bean posted a blog post

How To: Menu Planning

This week I'm showing you exactly how I meal plan for the week to make it as quick and easy as possible.  Since I started doing this, my life has gotten so much easier! I no longer come home and stare into the fridge wondering what in the world to…See More
Aug 8
Cocoa Bean posted a blog post

Gluten Free Dating

Today's topic can be really awkward...but it comes up a lot, in fact every time you consider dating someone new, you might wonder if you can actually kiss someone who eats the thing you have to avoid like the plague.In this video, I talk…See More
Aug 1
Anne (EZ Gluten Free) posted a video


Ratatouille reigns supreme as the perfect dish to highlight summer veggies. To print this recipe or for more of my gluten free recipes visit the EZGlutenFree...
Jul 27
Cocoa Bean posted a blog post

What “should” GF travel look like?

In this video, I’m going to give you my top 2 tips for eating on a trip but more importantly, I want to give you permission to do it your own way! A way that works for you so that you don’t have to think twice about being stressed out by food while…See More
Jul 18
Cocoa Bean posted a blog post

That time I almost cried in the store AKA the soy attack

Have you ever felt like crying in the store when you're trying to find food?Even if it's not gluten, many of us find we have sensitivities to other foods like soy, eggs, dairy or nuts. A lot of times it's more than one! Then we go to the store and…See More
Jul 11
GlutenFreeG posted a status
"Many ask...Dependent or independent on this 4th of July?…"
Jul 10
Anne (EZ Gluten Free) posted a video

Stuffed Artichokes with Penne Pasta

Stuffed Artichokes are a very popular addition to most Italian-American Holidays. These meat stuffed artichokes along with the accompanying pasta dish makes ...
Jul 9
Josh Schieffer posted a photo

7th Annual Gluten Free Awards

7th Annual Gluten Free Award Registration ends August 22. All products will be in The 2017 Gluten Free Buyers Guide with free coupons space. START HERE…
Jul 6
Cocoa Bean posted a blog post

Introducing...the Gluten Free Starter Guide!

Are you curious about going gluten free? Have you been diagnosed with Celiac or other conditions that require it for your health?I have created super easy starter guide for you which will give you everything you need to help stock your kitchen,…See More
Jul 4
Cocoa Bean posted a blog post

Gluten Free Emergency Travel, aka my rental car picnic

www.colleen-bean.comHave you ever avoided a trip because you didn't know how you would get safe food?If you have, you're not alone - I have too. Then, I learned a few things out of necessity…See More
Jun 27



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